Bill Lewis Sells 30 Cars In 30 Days

All of us at Mark Williams Auto Group would like to take some time to congratulate Bill Lewis on his AMAZING November. At the beginning of the month, Bill committed himself to selling 30 cars in the month of November. With the national average being 10 cars per sales person, this was no easy task.

That wasn’t the only thing going against Bill. He’d also been off the sales floor, in a management position for the past five years. If you’ve never spent any time in sales, a big key to hitting astronomical numbers like 30 is momentum. Bill had none, he was starting fresh.

How did he do it? Bill has been with Mark Williams Auto Group for 22 years! He knows the business very well and does have a loyal customer base. He called on past relationships and experience but beyond that, two simple and crucial elements contributed to his success. First, he took care of his customers. While reading Bill’s reviews, it’s clear to see that his customers love him. Selling 30 cars would be meaningless without providing exceptional service as well.

Second: good ole’ fashioned work ethic. Bill was relentless. He came in on days off, started early, and stayed late. It’s impossible to triple the average sales person’s production without an amazing work ethic. We are incredibly proud to say that Bill finished his November with 31.5 cars sold. This will be a November to remember!

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