What does a SNOW DAY mean to a Car Salesman?

Do you remember that exciting feeling that used to overwhelm you as a kid when you heard the words “snow day?” Those have to be two of the most awesome words you can hear as a student or a teacher. In fact, many professions get to enjoy the perks of a random, snow induced holiday.

Then…there are car salesman. What do those two words mean to us? Well…let’s keep this professional. Haha, they mean that we get up early and get to work to clear the snow off hundreds of cars, side walks and drive ways to make sure that our inventory is ready for you!

Traditionally, all of the snow and ice ends once you add manager to your title. You’ve put in your time and have graduated to staying inside while the next generation of “green peas” come up through the ranks. However, if you stopped by Beechmont Ford two hours before 9:00 am this morning, you wouldn’t see a single sales person working on snow removal. Nope, you’d see our General Manager, Jeff Fithen and General Sales Manager Ken Haynes in their snow suites leading the charge! Beechmont Ford has over 700 cars available for sale so that’s a BIG job!

“I believe in leading by example. I wouldn’t ask these guys to do anything that we wouldn’t do. We do it to support the team.”  – Jeff Fithen, General Manager

We wanted to take some time to brag on our leadership team for stepping up and making sure that all of the cars were ready for our sales people and customers this morning. THANK YOU!

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