Ford Cancelling All Cars?

You may have seen recent headlines that say “Ford is Cancelling All Cars”. This has been the talk of thousands of meetings and online forums for over a week now. Before this report is taken too far out of context, we’d like to clear the air. This is not a negative nor a reduction of product offering from Ford Motor Company. It’s quite the opposite. Ford is reallocating funds that were previously spent to produce cars and increase the truck and SUV foot print.

Over the next several years Ford Motor Company will be phasing out the Fiesta, Fusion, Taurus, and changing the Focus. The iconic Mustang will of course, continue. Ford has listened to consumer demand and it’s very consistent. People want more interior room, more versatility, improved gas mileage, and great looks. You can expect to see legends like the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger reborn to help shift Ford’s emphasis from small passenger cars to highly efficient and capable SUV’s, Cross-overs and trucks. Stay tuned to Cincy Auto News for future updates!

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