Lakota Grads Doing Business Together 10 Years Later

West 08′ Graduation: it was a beautiful summer day and over six hundred excited students walked across the big stage to graduate from Lakota West High School in June of 2008. Many of us rushed off to college and others started their careers. Some of us started families locally, others made new beginnings in other states or even countries. It’s amazing to think of how much can happen in ten years!

As sad as this is, I only talk to two of my fellow graduates on a regular basis and I’m related to one and married to the other, lol. That’s why I thought it was really cool when Kristina Vandruten reached out to me for a potential partnership. She let me know that she was the Regional Sales Manager for Donato’s Pizza and thought that we may be able to team up. I thought, “well I don’t know what cars and pizza have to do with each other but Donato’s is awesome and it would be cool to work with a fellow Firebird!”

We started brainstorming and have built a relationship to help our companies grow. First up, the Beechmont Ford Performance Cruise In on August 12th. She is going to help me promote the event by adding a show flyer to all of her large Pizza sales from her Beechmont location. In return, Donato’s will be our preferred Pizza vendor at the show! Make sure to stop by, see some cool cars, eat some pizza and say hello to Kristina at the Beechmont Ford Performance Cruise In – August 12th!

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