History Of Our American Flag

With the Great American Sales Event looming, Beechmont Ford has bit of history in regards to the US of A. The American flag pictured above is the first flag that ever flew over Beechmont Ford. The importance of the flag goes beyond just the patriotism, we have a very special connection to it.

Tim Davis is a sales consultant at Beechmont Ford who served 20 years in the US Navy and two of Tim’s brothers served in the Air Force. Mr. Davis has a great respect for the American flag and whenever our flags are out of commission he goes and has them retired in a respectful manner. The flag that sits proudly at the Beechmont Ford reception desk was a gift from Tim. He made sure it was properly folded and put into a custom display case harvested from wood in Ohio. I asked Tim about what the American flag means to him and he had an interesting response. Tim proudly said, “The flag symbolizes hope and freedom, and being an American made company I think it is important that we show our respect to our country and the flag.” From Beechmont Ford and Mt. Orab Ford, we want to thank you Tim for your service and all that you do for us.

The Great American Sales Event is right around the corner and there are a handful of offers waiting for you. The 2018 All-American truck, the F-150, is available for up to $16,000 MSRP. We also have 2018 Ford Escape starting at $16,999, 2018 Ford Focus starting at $10,999, and 2018 Ford Raptor up to $2,000 off MSRP. Last but not least, America’s favorite muscle car with 800 HP the 2018 Ford Mustang is starting at $39,995. Check out Beechmont Ford and Mt. Orab’s website or give them a call to find out more information these awesome deals. Beechmont Ford  Mt. Orab


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