Car Care Tips for the Summer

The hottest part of the year is upon us with plans of fun summer vacations. Before you make a long road trip be sure to check out what is going on under your hood and around your car. The last thing anyone wants to happen is to have car problems while they are on their way to have a fantastic week or weekend. Below are some car care tips that can prevent running into car problems while on the road.

Underneath the hood lies two of the most important pieces of any car, the engine and the battery. It is vitally important that you check them to make sure these are operating properly. The coolant system, which cools the engine so it does not overheat, should be drained and refilled if the color looks like muddy water. The leading cause of car failure during the summer is the engine overheating and it can be easily prevented by a quick look under the hood. Also, make sure you test your battery because the heat has the most negative effect on a car’s battery. These two pieces of the car should be the first thing you inspect because they are the root to your biggest car failures.

Basic check ups inside and outside the car are always a good idea. Everyone wants to be in a car with functioning A/C during the summer. Our tip is test it out and clean out air filters which will maximize the cold air circulating in your vehicle. On the outside of the car an important thing to check are the brake pads. During the summer, brake pads get more worn and often times will crack. Worn or broken brake pads can cause damage to the rotors, which could cost lots of money to have both replaced. Checking brake pads or getting them replaced can save you hundreds of dollars. Our final tip for inspecting around the car is make sure your tire pressure is at the right psi. A safe psi for most tires ranges between 32 and 35 psi. To find your ratings, check the sticker in your driver door jamb or the tire itself. When tires are improperly inflated the heat and friction from the road can cause blowouts. A quick inspection of your vehicle can save you money and keep your vehicle out of the shop!

No one wants to experience car troubles when they are on the road, especially when it is summer time. Be proactive and make sure your vehicle is able to handle the brutal summer heat.


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