Tips for Buying a Used Car

Being a used car can be a very stressful decision because a lot of factors and uncertainties go into the decision. At Beechmont Ford and Mt. Orab Auto Mall we strive to make this process stress-free, so you can focus on driving home in a great vehicle. We compiled a list of 7 tips before buying a used car.

  1. Choose a Smart Budget
    • Construct a smart budget before anything else because it is very easy to get carried away if you look for vehicles first. Finding a budget that is feasible will help narrow down your search, which ultimately makes finding the right vehicle easier.
  2. Find the Right Vehicle for YOU
    • There are three important questions to keep in mind are does it fit my style, does it have the features I want, and what do I intend to use the car for. If a vehicle is able to answer these questions with no uncertainties then go through with finding a location of it.
  3. Check Vehicle History
    • After you chose your vehicle, make sure that you find out everything that has been done to the vehicle in terms of upgrades, maintenance and repairs from accidents. This tip should be a no brainer but sometimes people forget to do thorough research on the vehicle’s history.
  4. Test Drive the Vehicle
    • Take the vehicle out for a test drive to gauge how it drives and if you think further inspection is needed. A very important thing to remember is to take the vehicle on a route that has every type of road. This means find a route that has curves, some hills, rough pavement, and a highway. All this does is check if the vehicle can handle all kinds of roadways.
  5. Negotiate a Fair Price
    • No one wants to negotiate prices because it is easily the most stressful part of making the deal. A way to prevent this from being stressful, work overtime on the research for the vehicle you want to buy. If you do your research the seller will, more often than not, meet your request or submit a more reasonable counteroffer.
  6. Finalize the Deal
    • The easiest tip out of all of the others is make sure you go to Beechmont Ford or the Mt. Orab Auto Mall if you want to buy a used car, we have the best deals and customer service……LOL. In all seriousness, be sure to read the sales contract thoroughly and see if the vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty or if you can get an extended warranty.

Beechmont Ford and Mt. Orab Auto Mall have a huge used car inventory with fantastic deals. Come down to either location and find the perfect used car for you.


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