2018 Ram 3500: Americas Longest Lasting Heavy Duty Pickup!

Wow! To say that the All-New 2018 Ram 3500 is packed with power would be nothing short of an understatement! This truck is an absolute beast! The 2018 Ram 3500 is powered by it’s Proven and Legendary 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine! The Ram Heavy Duty can pull 4X it’s weight -That’s Over 15 Tons (31,210lbs)! This ground-breaking towing capability earns the Ram 3500 “Best-in-Class Fifth-Wheel Towing”, along with Max Diesel Torque rating of 930 Pound-feet.Ram 3500 Blog Pic

The 2018 Ram 3500 not only has the Power to Haul, but it has the technology to back it up as well! Smart Diesel Exhaust Breaking systems, along with hillside start assist technology, and optional rear air suspension keep the ride safe and in control. Additionally, with available trailer sway control this truck is ready for whatever nature throws its way! 2018 Ram 3500 Interior

The Ram 3500 is power packed down to the last detail! The Ram 3500’s interior works just as hard as its exterior. Equipped with sophisticated features and designed with comfort and attention to detail in mind, the Ram 3500 demonstrates that working hard can be a smooth ride.With Apple CarPlay Integration along with uConnect NAV, the Ram 3500 Boasts it’s Command Center with the Largest-In-Class 8.4″ TouchScreen display and center console. The interior of Ram 3500 is equipped with versatile seating options, clever storage solutions and features to make driving and parking easier wherever you go.Ram 3500 Hauling

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