BFP Drag Pak: Nitrous Powered Mustang

The performance word in automotive is arguably stronger than ever. With supercharged Mustangs being built and shipped nation-wide, we decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of focusing on our traditional “horsepower-per-dollar” formula, we are going to focus on capability. Horsepower is great and it’s the key ingredient to accomplishing your performance goals but it needs to be complimented with durability, traction and suspension upgrades to deliver that power.

Introducing the BFP Drag Pak: this is a 10-second Mustang straight from our dealership, Beechmont Ford. Not a car that has the potential to run 10’s, this car can be driven straight to the track and run 10’s the day that it’s delivered to the customer.

How do we know it’ll run 10’s? Of course, this is a brand-new car that has never been raced. We developed this kit with Terry “Beefcake” Reeves of Team Beefcake Racing. He ran a 10.8 @ 128 MPH in his development car. Click here for video and time slip!  

Power comes from a 100-shot Nitrous Outlet kit and is delivered to the ground through Race Star Dark Star wheels wrapped in MT Street SS 305/45/17’s. The durability upgrades are of course billet oil pump gear and crank sprocket as well as 800 hp rated DSS half shafts. We then added the Steeda Ultimate Stop The Hop Kit, Viking Rear Double-Adjustable Warrior Shocks and Steeda Drag Springs.

Delivery: The first-ever BFP Drag Pak is sitting on the showroom floor at Beechmont Ford. Once the deal is done, we will have the “juice turned on” and have the car ready for delivery the following business day.

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