Check Out Ken Block, Hoonigan and Detroit Speed’s Wild Take On A Classic Ford

If you aren’t familiar with Ken Block, Hoonigan and the Gymkhana (or Climbkhana) series of videos, take a minute to acquaint yourself.

Okay, now that your mind is sufficiently blown, let’s talk about their latest endeavor. A 1977 Ford F-150 with a 914-hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 they created with Detroit Speed, Inc. Aptly known as “the Hoonitruck”. A mash-up of Hoonigan, unicorn, and well, truck.


The term “hooning” originated in Australia and New Zealand and refers to a person who deliberately drives a vehicle in a reckless or dangerous manner (i.e. speeding, burnouts, donuts, drifting). Block is arguably one of the best drivers out there when it comes to controlling a vehicle while doing these types of stunts and the proof is clear. He decided to use the 1977 F-150 as his next gymkhana machine because it’s the truck that he learned to drive in as a teenager and wanted to do something outside of your typical “racecar”.


However, the F-150’s body panels are where they left 1977 in the past and stepped into the future with a complete overhaul of the underpinnings. One of the most unique additions to the build is the 3D-printed intake manifold designed by Ford Performance specifically for the Hoonitruck.

You’ll be able to see the truck in all its glory on December 7th when Hoonigan and Block release Gymkhana 10 on their YouTube channel. Until then, check out Ken Block and Brian Scotto, Chief Brand Officer of Hoonigan, breakdown a little bit about the truck and what went into making it happen.

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