Ford Designs A Noise-Cancelling Kennel For Dogs That Fear Fireworks

Ford’s latest addition to their Interventions campaign tackles a common problem for pets and pet owners alike. Using technology from their vehicles, Ford is attempting to remedy issues that people face outside of the automotive realm. This time around, it’s dogs that get some relief.

The technology used in the kennel is the same that Ford has implemented in vehicles like the Ford Edge. In cars and trucks, these components counteract road and engine noise but are being used to silence sound from fireworks inside of the kennel. Ford uses microphones that pick up sound and speakers that emit an opposing frequency which cancels the sound or, at least, significantly decreases it’s volume. The result is a lot less anxiety for your canine. And for you, as well, knowing that your dog can rest easy.

For now, the kennel is just a prototype but Ford has said they would consider producing more of the inventions that Interventions spawns if enough interest is shown.

Check out their video to see the kennel in action:

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