Beechmont Ford and Clermont Animal CARE Team Up to Get Dogs Licensed

This past weekend, the Clermont County Animal CARE Humane Society and Beechmont Ford held an event to help promote dog licensing, to raise funds for Clermont Animal CARE, and to educate the community on the importance of registering their pets.

image2Many people don’t know, in Ohio, registering your dog is required by law. That requirement aside, having your pet licensed is incredibly beneficial when it comes to finding them if they are missing.

If your dog goes missing, you can visit the Clermont County Auditor’s website and run a search to see if any of the county’s shelters have picked up your lost dog.

In addition to the auditor’s site, Clermont County Animal CARE uses social media to spread the word on any missing pets in the area and with nearly 8,700 followers on their Facebook page alone, they are a huge asset to the community and a fantastic organization that deserves your support.


We were also joined by Camp Bow Wow who is getting ready to open a location in Milford! They offer a bevy of services/classes for you and your dog including day care, boarding, training, and grooming. For more info on their provided services and grand opening, follow them on Facebook or visit

Once again, a HUGE thank you to them both for joining us and helping us spread the word about dog licensing!

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