Pro or Con: Ohio Votes to Drop Front License Plate Law

For years, the debate over Ohio’s mandatory front license plate law has persisted. On March 7th, as part of a larger transportation budget bill (Ohio House Bill 62), the state’s House of Representatives voted to remove the front plate requirement. In order for the decision to be finalized, however, it must also pass in the Ohio State Senate. On Tuesday morning, the State Senate released their revision of House Bill 62 which maintained the removal of the front plate but redacted some other key issues such as the motor fuel tax increase and changes regarding public transit funding.

Groups on both sides of the argument present valuable points for and against the decision to remove the front plate. Those who are against the decision to remove the law state that the front license plate provides law enforcement with another key point of identification when gathering details on a vehicle.

Staff Lt. Craig Cvetan of the Ohio State Highway Patrol says that a license plate is a “valuable tool” and is the one unique thing on a vehicle that helps them identify someone when a generic description of the vehicle isn’t enough to locate a suspect.

Those who are for the removal tout the estimated $1.5 million in savings for the state that will be gained in reducing manufacturing costs for the additional plates. With a transportation budget of roughly $9 billion, Ohio could definitely use the monetary relief.

Others who are for the removal make their claim on an aesthetic basis. Many motorists don’t like the look of a front license plate for a number of reasons. One being that with the sleek body lines and more modern design approach from car manufacturers in recent years, some feel the license plate subtracts from the vehicle’s visual appeal. Not to mention that in order to mount a front license plate bracket to the vehicle some drilling is required which presents the opportunity to potentially damage the paint, body work, etc.

What side of the issue do you stand on? For or against? Let us know!

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