Mt. Orab Automall Signs Two Technicians In Brown County

Today was an exciting day as Mt. Orab Automall held an official singing ceremony for two technicians that graduated from Southern Hills Vocational School. Lance and Blake were the first two students to benefit from a new partnership between the school and Mt. Orab Automall.

This partnership allows the school to choose two top-level students in their junior year for a paid internship with the Mt. Orab Automall. The students work all summer while completing course work online. If they complete that course work by the start of their senior year, they are able to “skip school” and report directly to Mt. Orab Automall for their entire senior year! Upon graduation, the students are presented a full-ride scholarship to obtain an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology as well as a full time position at the Mt. Orab Automall!

“We are proud to invest into the youth in our community and are very excited to grow with them!”David Godbey, Fixed Operations Director – Mt. Orab Automall.

Lunch was provided by Southern Hills Vocational School Culinary Department.

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