13-Year-Old Gives Up His XBox to Get His Mom A Car

William Rabillo, a 13-year-old from Nevada, got inspired to do something for his mother that most parents can only dream of their children doing. Having seen other viral stories online where sons and daughters gifted their parents a car, William wanted to do something similar.

While looking through his Facebook timeline, he stumbled on a vehicle for sale in his neighborhood. So, as any 13-year-old would do, he messaged the seller and asked if she would be willing to accept his XBox as a trade for the car, a 1999 Chevrolet Metro. Of course, the seller declined…initially, that is. But, after William offered to throw in some yard work to sweeten the deal, she agreed.

When William came home and told his mother, Krystal, the great news, she was in disbelief. When William doubled down she had no choice but to follow him out into the driveway. To Krystal’s surprise, there was a woman waiting to take them to see the Chevy Metro. Although still in shock, she agreed to go with them. As they pulled up to the house William told his mom, “That’s your car!”.

Check out Krystal’s Facebook post about the whole experience below:

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