Not So Fast: Ohio Front License Plate Law Could Be Reversed…Again

Don’t celebrate just yet, the reversal of the Ohio law requiring front license plates may be put back into action before it even takes effect in July 2020. That is, if it’s up to Ohio senators Joe Uecker (pictured above), of Cincinnati and Jay Hottinger, of Newark. The two were joined by county police officers and sheriffs at a press conference on Monday held at the Ohio statehouse when they announced their plan to bring forth new legislation requiring front license plates on vehicles once again.

As we’ve discussed before, many of the proponents for the front plate requirement cite the additional point of identification for law enforcement during traffic stops, identifying vehicles used in crimes, etc. Those who are against argue that Ohio is surrounded by 5 other states that only require one license plate and have done so without detriment to crime solving by law enforcement. Also mentioning the unappealing look of front license plates and the required damage to property in order to properly install a front license plate.

Many also believe that the initial delay of July 2020 is perplexing in itself seeing as the increase in taxes paid on gas sales, which was passed as part of the same transportation bill in April, has already taken effect. A change that Uecker and Hottinger appear to be in agreeance with.

Check back here on Cinci Auto News for updates on this story and more!

(Photo credit: Andrew J. Tobias,

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