Beechmont Ford: Your Fleet & Commercial Solution

We Need To Say Mobile: We talk to dozens of companies every month who tell us that one of their biggest assets in the ability to stay mobile. That applies to everyone from the construction  company that works from multiple sites  to the dog groomer who brings their business to your drive way. In this fast-paced world, the company that serves best, wins. At Beechmont Ford, we understand that and have a specialized team standing by, ready to help add to your fleet as well as keep the one you’ve got operating at peak performance.

In an effort to keep our customers on the road and focused on their business, our fleet and commercial accounts benefit from the following:

1) Pick up and drop off of vehicle for service/maintenance & repair.
2) Fleet discount on all parts and labor through our service & parts departments
3) Fleet discounts and special purchase programs for new and pre owned vehicle purchases
4) 3 day, 300 mile satisfaction guaranteed exchange policy

What Vehicles Qualify For Fleet Savings?

Traditionally, fleets and commercial accounts are linked directly with heavy-duty trucks. Although those are a large part of our fleet business, we do a ton with small SUV’s, vans, wagons, etc. Our programs are custom tailored to compliment our customer’s businesses. We will work with our entire vehicle line up to make sure we find a great solution for each situation.

Who Is My Point Of Contact?

Brian Willis is our Fleet & Commercial Sales Manager at Beechmont Ford. Although our commercial accounts will also work with parts and service departments, Brian’s role is designed to be the primary contact for our fleet and commercial accounts that require extra attention, quick turnaround, etc. No matter if you’re looking to upgrade your fleet or maintain it, Brian is your man! He has a great understanding of the fleet business and has experience with small start up companies and has helped managed fleets of over 250 units. There is no account to large or to small for him.


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