“Top Performer” Sales Person Moves To Beechmont Ford

At Beechmont Ford, we are constantly striving to grow and improve. Over 25 years in business, our leadership team has learned that we can never accomplish our goals without attracting and hiring quality people with the same vision that we have. That vision is to serve our customers and build lifetime relationships with them.

Welcome To The Team: We are excited to welcome Dallas Taulbee to our sales team! Dallas comes to us from a short but successful career in automotive retail. He’s actually a 3rd generation Chevy sales person. We are excited to welcome him to the GOOD SIDE and feel that he will be a great fit at Beechmont Ford!

We decided to sit down with Dallas and ask him some questions to help us get to know him.

What is your favorite Ford? “The Ford F-150 for sure.” It’s an awesome combo of a great ride and great performance. It’s got fantastic towing ability and they are actually pretty fast, too. Not to mention, the best selling truck in the world.”

How long have you been in the auto industry? “Well, professionally I’ve been in the business for two years but I’m the third generation of my family to do this. I’d say my whole life. I helped over 200 customers purchase vehicles last year and am proud to have earned “Top Performer” status. From a volume standpoint, I ranked within the top 20 sales people in the region for 2018.

What if your customers still want a Chevy? “We don’t have a Chevy dealership in our group at the moment but we have a HUGE pre-owned operation. For example, if a customer of mine wanted a 2019 Chevy Silverado, I could find them one with less than 10k miles on it and save them a ton of money. Plus, all of our pre-owned retail cars and trucks come with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.”

Stop in today to visit Dallas! You can also give him a call at the store at 513.752.6611 x.1213.

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