Mark Williams Auto Group Supports: Leave No Vet Behind

At Mark Williams Auto Group, we believe in doing our part to support our community. We had a blast at the “Leave No Vet Behind – 5K”. We sent Leslie and Sue to this awesome event to participate and support the Patty Walter Memorial.

Leave No Vet Behind Program: has been built to honor Patty’s dedication and devotion to helping children and veterans with their oral health needs, the “Dr. Patty Walter, D.M.D. Memorial” was established after Patty died on September 25, 2015. She served as a Board member of the CDS’s Oral Health Foundation and gave unselfishly of her time and talent.

The CDS’s Oral Health Foundation is dedicated to providing donated dental care to under-served children and veterans. This event benefs the 88 to 90% of Veterans in the Greater Cincinnati Area that are not eligible to receive dental benefits at the VA Hospital, have no dental insurance and have annual incomes at or below the 200% federal poverty guidelines. Volunteer general dentists and specialists donate their time and talent providing free dental care to our Veterans!  Source:

We were honored to come out and support such a worthy cause!



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