New Decade, New Problems: Avoid Abbreviating 2020 on Paperwork

Looking to buy a new car soon? Don’t let your savings be subject to fraud this year.

Most of us have developed a habit throughout the years of filling out dates using the classic “MM/DD/YY” structure. However, now that it’s 2020, the ending two digits of this year could lead to problems with your bank account in the new decade.

Say you fill out a check dated “01/06/20”. This check date could be changed to “01/06/2019” with discomforting level of ease. What could happen in this scenario? Sadly, a number of things.

If you begin making payments on a vehicle beginning “03/01/20”, a thief could potentially change the date to “03/01/2019” and, therefore, create a false debt on your behalf stating that you have been owing payments for the past year.

Additionally, if your signature is on a check that remains uncashed this year, the date could easily be changed to one in 2021 and turned in illegally in the future.

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With the New Year in full-swing, we all have goals and resolutions set for the future. Don’t let a neglect of two simple digits get in your way! Spread the word and share this post on your Facebook and Twitter today.

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