Check Out These New Automotive Technology Concepts!

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association hosts an event in Las Vegas Nevada called the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, to showcase new technology.

One of the important components at CES each year is its mobility technology. These ideas that are showcased consist of tech possibilities that are either available today, will be available in the future, or may be developed in the distant future!

Photo Credit: CNET

This photo above is of the Mercedes-Benz Vision ATVR. Don’t get too excited, however. This car depicts a technology concept for future cars, but it’s not likely that this particular vehicle will ever operate on the streets. This concept car is designed to use biometric technology that will be capable of sensing your pulse and breathing, changing the way it drives based on your current mood and feelings. It also does away with the classic steering wheel, and instead is operated with a controller designed for the palm of your hand.

This showcase also introduced the idea of a solar-powered car (because who wants to drive a normal car with gas prices these days). “Solar-powered” does not imply that the car would run only from solar energy. But, Hyundai is currently developing technology for the Sonata that will use solar panel roofing to supplement an additional 800 miles worth of annual range.

And, last but not least, the concept of a “Virtual Visor” was showcased. This would replace the typical sun visor that we find in cars today. This visor would use LCD technology to block the sun from the area around youR eyes, and is said to offer 90% more visibility than today’s sun visors. This technology is only a few years from launch, so we can say goodbye to squinty eyes on the road this decade!

Photo Credit: CNET

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Source: CNET

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