The Original BULLITT Hero Car Sells for $3.4 Million at Mecum Auction

That’s right! The hero car from the iconic movie “Bullitt” sold today for $3.4 million at the Mecum Auto Auction held in Kissimmee, Florida. What’s so special about the ‘hero’ car you ask? Well, the term ‘hero car’ refers to the vehicle that was used in the majority of the scenes in a film. It is usually the most fully functional vehicle on set and the one in the best condition. In this case, it also means that this car was driven by Steve McQueen himself for most of the film which, no doubt, adds to the value and overall “cool factor”.

Here are some of the highlights Mecum has listed on the detail page for the classic Mustang:

  • The Hero Car driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 Warner Bros film, “Bullitt”
  • Featured in the majority of scenes from the legendary car chase through San Francisco
  • Sold to Warner Bros employee Robert Ross following the film debut
  • Subsequently acquired by New Jersey Detective Frank Marranca in 1970
  • Purchased by Robert Kiernan of Madison, New Jersey in 1974 from Marranca
  • Bequeathed to Kiernan’s son Sean in 2014 upon Robert’s passing
  • Letter from Warner Bros certifying that this car was featured in the film
  • California Registration from 1968 in Robert Ross’ name
  • 1978 New Jersey Insurance Card and registration dated in Robert Kiernan’s name
  • Letter from Steve McQueen to Robert Kiernan attempting to purchase the “Bullitt” Mustang
  • The 21st vehicle entered into the National Historic Vehicle Register
  • Unveiled to the public at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show alongside Ford’s 3rd edition Bullitt Mustang
  • Retains camera mounts welded into the rockers
  • Rebuilt S-code 390 CI V-8 engine
  • 4-barrel carburetor
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • GT emblems removed and grille blacked out
  • American Racing Torque Thrust wheels

For more info on the Mustang and history of the car, visit Mecum’s page discussing those details and more!

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