New Mustang Coming in 2022 According to Job Listing on LinkedIn

A job listing from Ford on the popular career/employment website LinkedIn shows that the company is looking for engineers to aid them with testing a future Mustang release.

The listing pictured above reads, “Be part of the proud team to deliver Ford and Lincoln quality on the current model Mustang (S550) and be the final sign off on the Ford 2023 Mustang S650 vehicle program before it goes to the customers.”

That’s right, the current Mustang model, the S550, will be replaced by what Ford is calling the S650 in 2022. The new Mustang will be labeled a 2023 model year.

The rest of the listing describes the duties and requirements of the position but doesn’t include any other details about the future release. Hopefully, we get a look at the redesign sometime soon but it doesn’t look like it will come this year. According to Ford’s marketing calendar, their main focus will be launching the all-new Bronco which is exciting in itself.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any new information released on them both!

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