We Will Buy Your Car, Even If You Don’t Buy Ours

At Mark Williams Auto Group, we are willing to purchase your car, no strings attached! You can sell your vehicle to any of our locations: Mt. Orab Ford, Mt. Orab CDJR, and Beechmont Ford.

Interested, but feel like you need a bit more information? I interviewed Brad Houk, the General Sales Manager here at Beechmont Ford, to get the inside scoop on this offer. Below are a few questions and answers that may be helpful in this process!

Q: Do i have to buy a car from you for you guys to purchase my car?

A: “No, we are always looking for nice, reliable vehicles.”

Q: How do I make sure to get the most money on my car?

A: “Make sure it’s clean and presentable, and remember to bring any service history or service records with you!”

Q: What if I still owe money on my car? Can I still sell it to you?

A: “Yes, you can. If there is any remaining difference on the car, for example, if we give you $9,000 and you still owe $10,000, you would be responsible for that $1,000 difference between our cash offer and your payoff.”

Q: How do I go about getting a value for my car?

A: “Contact a sales consultant or contact the dealership for an appraisal appointment and you’ll be good to go!”

Now that you have the instructions and information you need, below are the links to sell your car to any of our three stores!

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