The Reasoning Behind the Bronco’s Limited Ford Branding

If you’ve seen the news reently, you definitely have become quite familiar with the 2021 Ford Bronco. One small detail that you may or may not have noticed about this new vehicle is the lack of Ford branding on the model.

Unlike past Broncos, rather than displaying “Ford” across the grille, the newly-debuted comeback model sports the label “Bronco” instead.

Like most Americans would, when we think of Ford, the classic navy blue oval comes to mind. New Broncos, however, only wear a single Ford icon on the back left side of the 4×4 vehicle.

What’s the reasoning behind this differentiation, you might wonder? The minds behind the new Bronco wanted to offer this outdoor SUV brand as something special and unique to new buyers.

With the tagline “Built Wild”, the Bronco line is meant to be entirely separate from Ford’s main models, such as the Expedition, Explorer, or members of the F-Series.

In doing so, Ford hoped to use this branding strategy to expand their customer base, sparking interest in those who perhaps have never before dreamed of owning a Ford vehicle.

Of course, Ford still prides itself in the “Ford tough quality” that is carried into the Bronco two-door, four-door, and Sport; this quality simply takes on a different shape, built wild to the likes of any expert off-roader or curious newbie.


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