Jeep to Reveal the Wrangler 4XE Hybrid and Return of Wagoneer This Week

If you’re a Jeep fan, this is a good week for you! Jeep announced that they’ll be unveiling two new additions to their lineup in a YouTube livestream later this week.

The stream is set to go live at 9 AM on September 3rd. We’ve had a glimpse of both models set to be revealed but don’t know much more than that. The first is the new Jeep Wrangler 4XE, a plug-in hybrid. Jeep is marketing it as “Plug & Play”. We’re interested to see what the mileage range will be considering the Wrangler is an off-road focused vehicle. You can watch Jeep’s teaser below:

The next to be revealed is the return of the Jeep Wagoneer. For those that don’t know, the original was a bit of a jeep/station wagon mash-up. Complete with wood paneling down the side of the vehicle. This new one, however, seems to be taking a different direction. We only have two teaser images to make assumptions from so far. One is a top-down view of the vehicle which looks to show a glass roof that stretches almost the entire length of the cabin. The other photo is of the dashboard but you can’t make out much. You can see that the materials being used are of a higher quality and that we should be expecting some modern finishes like brushed aluminum and chrome. Check those out below:

What are your thoughts of this take on an American classic? Let us know down in the comments and tune into the livestream on the 3rd to see the full reveal!

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