Ohio Car Salesman Boasts A 7-Car Day!

If you follow us online, you have likely seen several appearances from #THEALLAMERICANSALESMAN. Stephane Salet, AKA #THEALLAMERICANSALESMAN has worked for Mark Williams Auto Group for a total of six years. He balances a successful sales career with his service to our country through the Kentucky Army National Guard.

Stephane recently accomplished something extremely unique, so we wanted to take some time to give him some kudos. On Thursday, #THEALLAMERICANSALESMAN sold seven vehicles! Five F-150s, a 750-HP ROUSH Supercharged Mustang, and a Transit van. To put that into perspective, an average salesperson delivers between eight and ten vehicles per month. To sell seven in one day is almost unheard of!


Q: How long have you been selling cars? 

A: “Since 2011.”

Q: What is your favorite car to sell? 

A: “The F-150 because I’ve owned three. I love the idea of customizing something for my customers. It’s very unique and we can make it fit the customer. It’s a fun vehicle that can be used for a lot of different things.”

Q: How did you manage to put together a 7-car Thursday? 

A: “It was a perfect storm, really. I met with a company the day before and had worked on a four-truck deal for them. They enjoyed the service and felt the price was fair, so they came in and purchased four F-150’s from me! I also had an internet customer finalize a deal after working with us for a while. Lastly, I had two repeat customers that bought from me! Dan, thought bought the ROUSH Supercharged Mustang lives all the way down in Tampa, FL! I really appreciate when my customers stick with me!”  

Stephane, from all of us here at Mark Williams Auto Group, we say thank you for your hard work and we wish you continued success!  

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