Welcome to the new Mark Williams Auto Group blog! This is your home for any and all automotive news. Our goal with this blog is to keep you informed with what is going on within the automotive world. This will not just be for Ford news, but for news on the entire industry. We are always more than happy to keep our customers informed of the latest and greatest happenings. It is just one of the many ways that we put the customer first, not only during the buying process, but before your purchase, and way after you drive off the lot.
Our job is to keep the customer happy, and that includes keeping our customer well-informed of what is going on in the automotive world. Knowledge is power, and we have always wanted to empower our customers as much as we can. Visit the Mark Williams Auto Group blog whenever you are looking to learn some more about the latest happenings in the automotive industry.  This is the Mark Williams Auto Group blog, your home for automotive news.

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