Ohio Car Salesman Boasts A 7-Car Day!

If you follow us online, you have likely seen several appearances from #THEALLAMERICANSALESMAN. Stephane Salet, AKA #THEALLAMERICANSALESMAN has worked for Mark Williams Auto Group for a total of six years. He balances a successful sales career with his service to our country through the Kentucky Army National Guard.Stephane recently accomplished something extremely unique, so we wanted to take... Continue Reading →

Ram Launches Fourth Phase of U.S. Armed Forces-inspired, Limited-edition ‘Built to Serve’ Trucks

Full Press Release via FCA "Built to Serve Edition" Ram 1500 pickup trucks honor five branches of the United States armed forcesFourth installment introduces 1,000 models in Tank and 1,000 models in Flame RedMilitary branch-inspired interior features Medium Greystone accents, and standard content encourages owner customizationAvailable in Ram dealer showrooms starting in the first quarter... Continue Reading →

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