Project 1979 Makes National Headlines

Recently at Mark Williams Auto Group, we have unveiled our own unique Ford Bronco. In celebration of the American icon's rebirth, this restored 1979 model was an exciting project, to say the least. For those behind it, it was an honor to work on a name plate that has been so iconic for Ford. We... Continue Reading →


Here at Mark Williams Automotive Group we are thrilled to be on the home stretch for the unveiling of the "Bronco Family" July 13th, 2020. Ever since the Bronco was hung-up back in 1996, appreciation for this vehicle has only grown. In just shy of a week, the Bronco will no longer be available solely... Continue Reading →

Ohio No Longer Requiring Front License Plates

Back in 2019, Governor Mike DeWine signed a transportation bill that stated Ohio residents (excluding commercial drivers) will no longer have to drive with a front license plate come July 1st, 2020. Obviously, drivers have the option to keep the front plates if they choose, but many prefer to ditch the front plate in favor... Continue Reading →

FCA: Drive For Design Winners

Back in April we told you guys about FCA's Drive For Design 2020 contest where they asked 10th through 12th graders interested in automotive design to revamp Ram's truck design. It's now June and the winners have been chosen. Check 'em out! 1st Place – Job Skandera, 12th grade, Santa Clara, California 2nd Place –... Continue Reading →

The Return of the ‘Mach 1’

"The pinnacle of Mustang 5.0-liter V8 style and performance." That's what Ford is saying about the recently revealed 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1. It's been 17 long years since we've seen the Mach 1 badge roll off the Ford production line and there's no doubt enthusiasts around the globe have been clamoring for its return.... Continue Reading →

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